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Certified Accountant

"The low price and the fact that TimeStarter is web based with a user friendly interface have made it very easy for us to upgrade to a super modern solution."

- René Damgaard, owner of Damgaard Revision, Certified Accountant, Holbæk, Denmark

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"I definitely gained a better overview of the time spent on each task, and my time tracking is much more precise now. This means that I no longer forget to invoice the exact time that I work for each client."

Pia Christensen, owner of bookkeeping services Deb-As, Fårevejle, Denmark

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"With TimeStarter and the app, I can track time anywhere and whenever it fits into my schedule; In the car before I leave from a customer meeting, or when I finish my day at the office."

Peter Petersen, owner of the advertising agency PeterPeter.dk, Copenhagen, Denmark

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"TimeStarter is an easy and very simple system. It is easy to learn and contains the features you need. This was the kind of system I needed in my company and the price is fair."

Benjamin Bagger, owner of Office Maid bookkeeping services, Glostrup, Denmark

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Accountant and Business Advisor

"Very easy to use, simple and efficient way to recording time and expenses to manage business even when on the move."

Natalia Kobbernagel, partner of Samson & Kobbernagel Ltd., chartered certified accountants, London

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"It helps me track time on each case and to adjust my budgets to avoid losing money and furthermore it is an excellent tool to create detailed invoices. I have not found any other application with a better relation between price and quality."

Antonio Rodríguez Bernal, lawyer and owner of Abogados Rodríguez Bernal, Marbella, Spain

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