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The following is a list of certified partners to which TimeStarter is seamlessly integrated.

Tradeshift is a global network and platform that connects buyers and suppliers and transforms the way companies buy, pay, and work with suppliers. Tradeshift connects 800,000 users across 190 countries and is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Copenhagen, New York, London, Paris, Suzhou, Tokyo, and Munich.

The platform is compliant with regulations in 33 countries, which enables the users in these countries to issue electronic invoices that meet the legal requirements with regards to content, storage and archiving. The Tradeshift platform also offers instant payments to suppliers.

With the seamless integration of Tradeshift and TimeStarter, the users of Tradeshift can track time in both simple and complex ways using TimeStarter directly on the Tradeshift platform. With the power of the Tradeshift network and the integration of the TimeStarter time-tracking app you get more than free, simple invoicing. You get an online marketplace where thousands of buyers & sellers connect, sell, and share. Run your business with the click of a button: find and engage with new customers, track your time, invoice—build your business and make more money.

Tradeshift is free to use for suppliers. Sign up to Tradeshift and find TimeStarter in the Tradeshift App Store. 

Debitoor is an easy-to-use invoicing and accounting software which helps freelancers and small businesses produce nice-looking, professional invoices in a matter of seconds and assists them in their accounting.

The software was launched in 2012 by the international online accounting software company e-conomic. Debitoor is built for self-employed people, who need less functionality and even easier-to-use interfaces and is available in six languages and localised to over 30 countries. It allows you to create invoices quickly and easily, trade across borders, manage customer information, create and send quotes or reminders and simply to keep track of your cash flow.

With the TimeStarter-Debitoor integration, you can transfer tracked time and expenses from TimeStarter to your invoices in Debitoor in no time and synchronize your contacts and invoices automatically. 

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